Wednesday, 14 December 2011

BBC get this.

BBC get this - it's all about your agenda about global warming,the Coalition government,the cuts, the EU, phone hacking etc, etc. Watch the BBC drop this story like a hot potato now that it emerges that the agenda wasn't the outrage over the hacking but really a path to destroying Rupert Murdoch. Left wing always tries to destroy the right and have been caught out. The BBC won't like this and will ignore as much of it as possible. Bias by omission and only capable of using any dirty tricks under the sun to promote their cause!
The BBC charter is to produce news and programs that are non political. Neither the BBC nor the BBC Trust are doing this. If they want to transmit politically biased programs then they should fund their own TV companies.When they have founded their own companies they can spout whatever rubbish. After all it will be their own cash and not that of the licence fee payer. Unfortunately for them operating in such a manner as a private tv station is a recipe for total failure.

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