Monday, 16 August 2010

Bliars gift.

Bliar believes he was right to invade Iraq and in just about everything he did, with the possible exception of not facing yellow streak Brown in a leadership election in 1994 or sacking him as Chancellor.

So, Bliar's Blood Money for the book is being given to the British Legion. It's amazing how guilt can eat away at a person, but the British Legion should refuse this money and instead ask for Bliar's government-funded personal security to be stopped immediately and for that money to be channeled instead towards its cause.
So I imagine that his decision is not only to support the troops out of a sincere wish to do just that, but also because he thinks that it will make people more likely to read his book.
Bliar would like people to read his words because he thinks he is misunderstood and unfairly vilified for Iraq, which overshadows many of the bad things he did, both domestically and in other armed interventions.Even on Iraq, he still contends he was right, and no doubt much of the book will try to convince people he acted honourably and the world is a better place regardless of the mass slaughter and political turmoil that resulted (he does say he would make the same decision again).Of course, he is unlikely to change many minds, but he may now receive more of a hearing than he would otherwise have done.
His greed for power and leverage and the mistakes it caused won't be washed away with money, not even converting to Catholicism believing confession or perjury will allow you into the gates of heaven.
He feels no guilt, only regret at all the suffering he and Bush caused.